25 Seeds of Gratitude Launch – YASKA

In celebration of BGC’s 25th Anniversary, BGC has launched a special Social Investment initiative called 25 Seeds of Gratitude.

The 25 Seeds of Gratitude is a year-long initiative centered on promoting selfless acts through collaborations with the wider community, in the hopes of creating value for others and fostering closer ties with one another. To mark the launch of the initiative, BGC invited 15 children from Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA) to take part in an arts and craft session. Present to welcome our guests from YASKA was BGC’s Managing Director, Captain Abdul Mateen Abdurrahman Liew.

Captain Mateen in his opening remarks expressed his appreciation to YASKA @yaska_brunei and the children for taking the time to support BGC’s 25 Seeds of Gratitude. He underscored BGC’s commitment to foster strong ties with the local communities, especially in the area of education, welfare, and social development. The event was also supported by members of staff, who dedicated their time and effort to work with the children in the arts and craft activities. Kudos to the whole team!

BGC would also like to thank its initiative partner, McDonald’s Brunei @mcdonaldsbrunei, who brought in the McDonald’s mascot to keep all the children entertained and of course, provide delicious treats to all the guests. We look forward to more collaborations in the future.

With the 25 Seeds of Gratitude officially kicked off, BGC will be sharing more updates on its activities throughout the year.