23 Years of BGC

On March 9, 2021, BGC celebrated its 23rd year in operation.

Marking the occasion, the company held a Mass Prayer and Doa Kesyukuran at the Masjid Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam in Jerudong.

Attending the event were Jerudong community members, Senior Government officials, and the dedicated and talented Bruneian staff of the company who represent the driving force behind BGC’s success.

Happy 23rd Anniversary, BGC. To many more years of maritime excellence.

BGC… Shipping Energy First-Class


BGC Inks Agreement with Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA)

In a follow up to BGC’s Maritime Talent Pipeline Achievements Ceremony held last week, the company once again demonstrated its commitment for the development of Bruneian seafarers through the inking of an agreement with the Singapore Maritime Academy (SMA) under the Singapore Polytechnic, on Thursday, 18th March 2021. Following the new normal, the signing of MOU was held virtually between BGC and SMA; and establishes BGC’s intent to promote and develop formal collaboration and cooperation between BGC and SMA in the fields of education, research and training programmes of mutual interest. The MOU also opens an avenue to explore potential business opportunities, increasing BGC technical know-how and ultimately boost BGC’s aspiration to become the main talent pipeline for the Maritime Industry in Brunei Darussalam. Present to support the collaboration was Acting Director of IBTE, Dr Hj Mohd Zamri bin Hj Sabli and Head of Brunei Maritime Academy, Awg Mohammad Iskandar bin Hj Jani. BGC… Shipping Energy First-Class #bruneigascarriers #bruneimaritime #Bruneishipping #bgctalentpipeline

A Celebration of Achievements at BGC’s Maritime Talent Pipeline Achievements Ceremony 2021

On 12th March 2021, BGC held the 2nd instalment of their Maritime Talent Pipeline Achievements Ceremony (MTPAC) to celebrate three important milestones, namely the achievement of Ship Management Transition, the promotion to rank of BGC Ship Officers, and the signing of contracts for BGC Scholars.

BGC was honoured to have YB Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Minister of Finance and Economy II, and YB Minister of Transport and Infocommunications as Chairman of the MPABD Board, as joint special guests at the occasion.

The MTPAC is a testament to BGC’s commitment in the development of Bruneian seafarers not only in the BGC workforce, but to support the growth of local talent in the Brunei maritime industry as a whole.

BGC… Shipping Energy First-Class