BGC lends employee a helping hand

When individuals face an emergency as a result of unforeseen circumstances, government bodies and organisations that prioritise their staff’s happiness tend to come together to help alleviate the suffering.

Today, the Brunei Gas Carriers Sdn Bhd (BGC) was one of those organisations that lent a helping hand.

Donations were handed over to one of BGC’s employees, Azri Jumat, whose house was razed by a fire that broke out last weekend at Jalan Pelumpong Muara.

As Azri was on duty at the time of the handover, his wife Tooh Soon Dian @ Sara accepted the donations on his behalf from BGC managing director John Cook at the company’s office in Jerudong.

Speaking to New Brunei Daily, Sara expressed gratitude for the donations from the company as well as other parties.

“My family and I are very grateful for all the help and support we’ve received from everyone.”

The donations consisted of basic necessities such as shoes, diapers, baby products, children’s items and clothes.

When asked if the family needed anything, Sara named baby bottles and sterilisers were still items her family requires, though she also added that “we are happy to accept any donations given by the public”.

Sara and her four children are currently staying with a relative while waiting for her husband to return to the country.

Recalling the incident, she said it happened while she was on her way to work. She found out about the incident from her niece who was taking care of her children at the time.

“That’s when I rushed back because I was worried about my family”, which included her mother and sister, she said.

As for future living arrangements, Sara said the family is currently waiting to hear from relevant authorities. The fire, which took place last Saturday noon, completely wrecked a 12-unit barrack, which left five families scrambling for aid.

Those who wish to provide amenities to Sara and her family can contact the Village Head of Kampong Muara

New Daily Brunei