Contractors, vendors, suppliers or interested companies wishing to provide services or supply goods to Brunei Gas Carriers Sdn Bhd (“BGC”) must be registered with us. The vendor registration process in BGC provides a standard approach to pre-qualify vendors, ensuring that our business partners and service providers are aligned with recognized and international standards. Applications are reviewed for compliance to our requirements and for suitability of the products and services being supplied. This enables us to identify possible suppliers, contractors and service providers for our tendering and contract-awarding process. Registration does not guarantee business with BGC.

*For existing vendors, Click Here or Click Here for the Vendor Portal. If you do not have a User ID and Password, please contact . Click Here  to download a step-by-step guide on the registration process.

For more information on how to conduct business with Brunei Gas Carriers Sdn Bhd, please refer to General Information.