1. The maximum file size to upload supporting documentation is 1MB but my files are larger than 1MB.  Is there an alternative way to upload my supporting documentation?


You can email the larger file documentation to vendor.registration@bgc.com.bn and provide your company name asa subject. A screenshot of your email (saved as .jpeg, .png or .pdf format) should be uploaded in the relevant field in the online Vendor Registration form as supporting evidence of submission.


2. Does registration in BGC’s Vendor Registration System mean that I am automatically invited for tenders?


Vendors who have responded to BGC’s Expression of Interest (EOI) (which are released via newspaper media andon the BGC website) are included in the potential bidlist to be invited to Tender. The bidlist will then undergo review for approval. Registration to BGC’s Vendor Registration System does not automatically qualify vendors to be in the bidlist, and vendors are still expected to respond to EOIs in order to be invited to tender.


3. As an international vendor, am I disqualified from registering due to the Local Business Development Directive?


Every registration application with BGC are reviewed based on a number of criteria, including business requirements and the Local Business Development Directive, as such it depends on the information provided in your application.


4. Some information that is requested for is confidential, which restricts us from registering.  Are we exempt from registration?


Please contact vendor.registration@bgc.com.bn with full details of which information is confidential and your request will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


5. Will I receive my password immediately after I submit my application?


Upon completion of the review process, the Vendor Registration team will revert to you with the status of your registration request, at most, within 21 days.


6. Where do I get my Vendor Portal password?


Vendor Registration team will provide the vendor portal password to successful vendors whose application has under gone the vendor registration review process.


7. How do I apply for new work or product category in the system?


Further information is provided in page 15 of the Vendor Portal User Guide booklet – link as follows: https://www.bgc.com.bn/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Vendor-Portal-User-Guide.pdf


8. How do I know that my registration was successful after completing the registration?


You will receive email notification that your application has been submitted.  We will advise the status of your registration within 21 days of your application.  Upon successful registration, you will be provided with Vendor ID and Password details to access the Vendor Portal.


9. How do I reset my password if I forget my password?


Please email vendor.registration@bgc.com.bnrequesting for your password to be reset.


10. I have reset my password but I have not been able to access my account in the Vendor Portal?


Please email vendor.registration@bgc.com.bnrequesting for your password to be reset.


11. What browser should I use to view/fill up the Vendor Registration Online Form?

The following browsers are recommended for filling up the Vendor Registration Online Form:

  • Firefox 59.0 and newer
  • Chrome version 65 and newer
For more information on Vendor Registation, please contact the Vendor Registration Team at vendor.registration@bgc.com.bn .