Our Commitment To The Country And The Community

Brunei Gas Carriers (BGC) Sdn Bhd’s commitment to sustainable development is found in the Company’s support for activities that reflect the national aspirations of Brunei Darussalam and the societal expectations of local communities in which BGC carries out its operations. The total range of efforts to lay down this commitment to the community is collectively known as “Social Investment” (or sometimes called Community Development or Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR) that lead to and contribute towards excellence in “Social Performance” (SP).

Through our social investment programmes, we aim to work with the community and stakeholders on projects that address, where possible, issues directly linked to our business. We also seek to give local people control of the project, and wherever possible, to involve volunteers and development experts from NGOs.

Social Investment Themes


In line with Brunei Darussalam’s Wawasan 2035 to develop its people as an educated, highly-skilled and accomplished workforce, BGC places high importance on the value of good education, and supports educational activities including support towards Special Education. BGC strives to be strategic and sustainable, and implement and/or support educational programmes that have holistic elements and can offer long-term benefits to the country.


In a close knit community like Brunei, it is essential for BGC, in reducing its business impact, to be engaged in various activities that can have direct benefit for the social, economic and welfare aspect of the people especially in areas of our operations.


BGC’s commitment to the society and environment is driven by a three-pronged strategy that focuses on integrating social and environmental considerations into its operations, advocating and supporting pro-environmental work amongst the community.


BGC regularly supports and promotes National events as a crucial part of our national duty.