The beginning

The delivery of Bruneian LNG to Japan began with the s.s. Gadinia in 1972. This vessel was later joined by 6 other vessels, all of which would be owned by Brunei Shell Tankers Sdn Bhd. These steamship vessels each with an average cargo capacity of 75,000m³ were named after local fish; i.e. Bebatik (previously known as the Gadinia),Bekalang, Bekulan, Belais, Belanak, Bilis and Bubuk or collectively called the B-Class vessels.

In 2002, BGC emerged as a second charterer for Brunei LNG with its vessel, the Abadi. In 2012, BGC’s two newbuilt vessels, the M.V. Arkat and M.V. Amali joined the Fleet and collectively these vessels are known as the A-Class vessels. In 2014, M.V. Amani joined the BGC A-Class Fleet followed by M.V. Amadi the following year. The A-Class Fleet range from 137,000 m3 to 154,800 m3.

The A-Class vessels are owned and managed by BGC and have throughout their journeys achieved delivery milestones for the nation and earned numerous awards for its operations.

In June 2018, BGC bid farewell to the last two B-Class vessels, Bebatik and Belanak marking the end of 45-years of history.

Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad (BGC) was established in 1998 and is a joint venture company incorporated in Brunei Darussalam by the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam), Shell Gas B.V. and Diamond Gas Carriers B.V.

Currently, the business opportunities for BGC are centered on the provision of services to BLNG. Further to that, BGC aspires to develop its services and expand beyond the delivery of LNG.