Our Company

Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad (BGC) was established in 1998 and is a joint venture company incorporated in Brunei Darussalam by the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam), Shell Gas B.V. and Diamond Gas Carriers B.V.

BGC currently owns four A-Class vessels (Arkat, Amali, Amani and Amadi) ranging from 137,000 m3 to 154,800 m3.

Currently, the business opportunities for BGC are centered on the provision of services to BLNG. Further to that, BGC aspires to develop its services and expand beyond the delivery of LNG.


Shipping Energy First-Class.


Developing our Nation’s resources for safe, reliable, and sustainable maritime transportation.


Safety, Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism.

Our Quality Objectives

  • Manage the LNG carriers safely and reliably in accordance to the applicable standards and regulations stated under the Charter Party Agreement while protecting the personal safety and health of the people, creating an injury free workplace and preserving the environment;
  • Continually improve the Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad’s business performance, position itself in the top quartile of LNG transporting industry;
  • Strengthen the good relationship with BLNG, BST and External / Internal customers and interested stakeholders and to satisfy their requirements;
  • Maximize the contributions and capability of staff with priority given to the Bruneians while attracting and retaining the competent and motivated staff and be an “employer of first choice”;
  • Execute new projects and planned transitions accordingly whilst assessing all opportunities including local business development plan to expand the Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad’s scope and activities in line with the Government aspiration.
  • Measurable objectives are demonstrated in the form of Annual Business Plan for all Stakeholders. Brunei Gas Carriers Sendirian Berhad (BGC) expects all employees to deliver their responsibility in line with Brunei law, Statement of General Business Principles and other relevant requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.

Code of Conduct

BGC aspires to build and maintain a strong and healthy working foundation for all in adopting BSJV’s Code of Conduct. These are a set of guiding principles aligned to the best business practices that encourage appropriate behavior, responses and actions to circumstances that may occur within your working environment.

  1. People and Safety
    • To be the best you need the best people. You should give everyone equal opportunity to shine.
    • Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) should be the bottom line for any business and a top priority for every employee.
  2. Fighting Corrupt Practices
    • Business transactions should be transparent. If you are in business, your integrity is always on the line.
  3. Conflict of Interest (COI)
    • Employees must avoid conflict between their private interest and their duty to the company.
  4. National and International Trade
    • Competition should be fair and open. You cannot put a price on free trade.
  5. Safeguarding Information and Assets
    • Information can be an asset and an advantage. It should be guarded closely and used wisely.
  6. Communications
    • Any communication from a company employee or contract staff is a reflection on the company.
    • The company must provide true, accurate, consistent, not misleading, complete and fair disclosure of information to enable investors to make informed decisions.


Please click the link below to open and download the soft copy of Code of Conduct

For employees:

  1. Code of Conduct

For vendors:

  1. Supplier Code Of Conduct
  2. Vendor COI Declaration Form

Our Shareholders

The primary mission of providing safe and reliable delivery of LNG to Brunei Darussalam’s overseas customers is upheld by Brunei Gas Carriers Sdn Bhd (BGC).

BGC is firmly committed to the aspiration of the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam to oversee and create employment for Bruneians pursuing a marine career.